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Color Meanings
Roses are known for being the most eloquent and radiant of all flowers. When selecting a rose arrangement roses have a "language" of their own. Remember, however, that the beautiful, vibrant colors of the rose can be suitable for any and all occasions.

- Red roses symbolize love, respect, passion and courage.

- Pink roses carry the message of happiness, gracefulness and gentleness.

- Deep pink says, thank you.

- Light pink conveys admiration, caring.

- White roses express purity, heavenly, secrecy, charm and silence.

- Yellow roses indicate joy, gladness and friendship.

- Orange roses characterize enthusiasm, fascination and energy.

- Coral roses convey desire.

- Lavender roses express enchantment, love at first sight.

- Red and white roses together signify unity.

- A bouquet of roses in full bloom means gratitude.

- A single red rose means "I love you."

***Not all of these colors are offered online. If there is a certain color you found listed online that you like and want to order visit our "locations" page and contact the store you want to send the flowers from directly. We carry a large selection of beautiful roses on a first come first serve basis.***

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