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10 Easy Ways To Be Romantic

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Life is too short not to be romantic, and being romantic doesn't have to be extravagant or complicated. A little motivation and a little help are all you need to go from couch potato to Cassanova.

Here are 10 easy ways to be romantic:
1.) Send her roses unexpectedly. Choose a dozen of her favorite roses of her favorite colors - or ask your Just Roses Rose Specialist (man's next best friend) for suggestions!

2.) Write her a check for a million kisses, and let her take it to the bank.

3.) Have "your song" playing on the stereo when she returns home, and whisk her into a spontaneous dance.

4.) For a change of pace - eat breakfast by candlelight or have dinner in bed.

5.) Fill her car with red balloons.

6.) Write her a love letter - it doesn't have to be perfect, poetic or long - just from you.

7.) Have a "play date" once a month, where you get away together for a day of fun.

8.) Fill her answering machine or voicemail with romantic messages.

9.) Kidnap her - blindfold her and take her to a favorite restaurant, the theatre or another place you both enjoy.

10.) Draw her a bath sprinkled with rose petals and light some candles.

Go from Couch Potato to Casanova

No Need to Be Prince Charming
The question of how to "woo" women has haunted men since the dawn of time. But now the answer is clear, thanks to recent research. Do women want to be romanced by Prince Charming? Surprisingly, the answer is no.

Always a Chance for Romance
A recent nationwide survey of women conducted by International Communications Research offers new hope for the nation's legion of couch potatoes: 80 percent of women say they could be romanced by a man who is less than perfect.

While no man is a flawless Casanova, romance is not entirely foreign to men. In fact, 91% - exactly the same percentage as women - feel romance is important in a relationship.

What Women Want
What makes women happy? According to the survey, when it comes to romance, actions speak louder than words. When asked how they would like the men in their lives to add romance to their relationships, the top answer women gave was for him to send her roses unexpectedly (41 percent).

What would you like your significant other to do to add romance to your life?

41% Send her roses unexpectedly
32% Cook dinner for two
10% Write her a poem or love song
8% Watch a romantic movie together
2% Feed her grapes

Do you agree that roses continue to be a universal sign of romance?

88 percent of women surveyed named roses a universal sign of romance.

Which is or would be your favorite time to receive roses?

74% No special reason at all
15% On dating or marriage anniversary
4% Before an evening out to say "I can't wait"
2% After an evening out to say "Thank you"
1% At the door as you go out for the evening

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