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Care of Your Fresh Roses

Wrapped Roses:

  • Re-cut stems under water within 1st hour.

  • Place in lukewarm water and mix in 1/2 package of


Arranged Roses:

(after two days)

  • Clean vase, add warm water and 1/2 package of preservative.

  • Re-cut stems.

  • After cleaning stems place in water immediately.

  • Repeat instructions every two days.


Boxed Roses:

  • Unpack roses immediately.

  • Prepare clean container and fill it with warm water
    and 1/2 package of preservative.

  • Remove outer "guard" petals if bruised
    ("Guard" petals are the outer most petals
    on the rose that help protect the rest of the petals
    from damage").

  • Remove all foliage on the stem that would be below
    the water line in the container.

  • Cut approximately 1 inch off the rose stem at an

  • Display in cool location.

  • Check water levels daily.

  • Continue to recut stems and adding fresh water every
    two days to maintain water uptake.


Helpful Hints:

  • Keep roses away from sunlight, extreme heat or freezing.

  • Remove one or two outer petals for appearance.

  • If roses begin to droop, submerge in water and let
    soak a few hours.

  • Remember, your Roses are guaranteed up to three


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